How are Container Gardening seeds different?

For Container Gardening it is best to select seed from plants that have a shorter growing period in mild temperatures, smaller vegetative growth and a root and stem structure that are compatible with high density growing. For instance a variety of carrot that has a mature growing length of 10 inches with a top that extends up 14 inches and expands out to occupy a 12 inch circle would not be a good choice.

Check out the links below for information on seeds that have been specifically choosen for Container Gardening.

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What should I plant?

What you choose to plant in your Container Garden will be determined by what you like and by the growing method you use. Two very popular choices are garden greens in shallow trays and salad vegetables in deep containers. Here are some seeds listed by growing method.

Some plants and growing methods are very simple while others require more attention. Lettuce in trays for example is very easy while Tomatoes indoors will need special lighting and pollination techniques. Take a look at these methods to see what will work best for you.

Growing Trays

A shallow tray holding 2-3 inches of soil. Usually a 12" by 12" or 12" by 24" plastic container. To see a well designed growing tray see the Salad Greens Growing Kit.

Deep Containers

Plastic, terra cotta or cloth containers from 6-12 inches deep for plants with more substantial root systems. Some containers may be more beneficial than others. The Garden Grow Box is an example of an excellent deep container system.

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