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The key ingredient to success in Container Gardening is to start with prepared soil, proper seeds and the right kind of light.

Find out how you can insure your success by following the guidelines on this site and by becoming a Member of our online community.

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Indoor Salad Gardens through Container Gardening

What is Container Gardening?

Container-Gardening is the fulfilling activity of planting and cultivating in containers for high density growth and harvesting. Benefits are both nutritional and emotional. There is something very satisfying about tending and nurturing a seed from sprout to maturity and enjoying the result of healthy, organically grown vegetables.

In order to insure success, use the information on this website and in our Garden Club to find out how to create the perfect Indoor Garden. You will soon discover the importance of using the right soil, selecting seeds to fit your need and the secrets of proper lighting. Click on the Soil, Seeds and Light links to start your journey to happy gardening through the solutions provided by the IndoorSaladGarden.

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